3 Removal Mistakes You Should Avoid

Moving from your current home to another can be very stressful given all the packing and other arrangements that have to be made. At such a time, it is very easy to make several mistakes that increase your stress level even further. This article discusses three removal mistakes you should avoid so that you minimize the stress you go through during moving time.

Mistake 1: Packing the Heaviest Items in Big Boxes

For instance, if you pack your heavy inverter batteries in a large box, there will be plenty of room left in that box. That extra space will inevitably have to be filled by other items. The result is that the box will be extremely heavy and that will increase the chance of that box injuring you or the removalist as it is carried from the house to the truck. When that happens, you are likely to be very upset because of that injury or damage your property has suffered in that accident. Avoid making this mistake and the stress of being injured or seeing your belongings damaged will be avoided.

Mistake 2: Misplacing the Removal Contract

You must have the contract you signed with the removal company close to you for quick reference when need arises. For instance, the removal company may ask you to pay extra for keeping their staff waiting as you go to pick the keys of your new home from the landlord. This request may be genuine but there is no way of ascertaining that until you consult the contract signed with the company.

You could feel cheated and get stressed over it and yet if you had consulted the contract it would have been clarified that wait times should not exceed a given limit lest additional charges are levied. Avoid this potential source of stress by having the removal contract close to you.

Mistake 3: Neglecting to Measure Your New Home's Clearance Space

It is very important that you measure the clearance space of the front door of the home you are moving to before the date of the move. This will save you from the stress of getting there with all your belongings and then you find out (to your dismay) that the furniture cannot be carried in because there isn't enough clearance space at the front door.

If you can avoid making the mistakes discussed above, you will have a less stressful removal from your current home to the new home. It also helps to make a checklist way before your removal date so that nothing important is neglected. If you are well prepared and organized, chances are very high that the removal will be totally stress-free. For more tips, talk to local removalists such as Ocean Grove Removals.