Eliminate Your Budget for Moving Boxes and Packaging Supplies With These Tips

Moving can be expensive, but luckily, there are multiple ways to save money during your move. If you want to save money on packaging solutions in particular, take a look at these tips. They cost virtually nothing to embrace, and they eliminate costs related to moving boxes and packaging materials.

1. Skip the tape

Tape can be expensive, but luckily, if you have a tight budget, you can simply skip the tape.

If you are packing conventional moving boxes, fold the flaps over each other in an alternating pattern so the box stays relatively sealed as you move it -- you can close both the top and the bottom of the box like this.

Alternatively, find boxes that don't need tape to seal them.

2. Look for free boxes

You can typically find free boxes at liquor stores, retail shops and grocery stores. In the first two places, you are likely to find shipping boxes that need to be sealed as described above.

However, at the grocery store, check out the boxes from the produce section. Most of these sturdy boxes are held together with staples, and they come with lids, making it easy to pack them without tape.

Be aware that some of these boxes have openings on their bases, and you need a piece of cardboard to seal these openings. Try to get the original piece of cardboard when you get the box, or cut apart another box to make your own box liner as needed.

3. Save rubbish to use as packing supplies

Don't overlook the potential of clean rubbish and recycling. Start saving anything that could be used as packaging material about a month or so before your move. If you don't have enough time to build a collection of packaging materials with your own rubbish, ask your friends or neighbours to contribute.

Shred old bills into paper packaging. Use newspapers to wrap glass and pottery. Cut up egg cartons, and use them to create layers of cushioning in your moving boxes. Save cardboard tubes and use them to sheath knives.

4. Use blankets as moving blankets

You can hire moving blankets from most removals companies. These blankets or pads can be placed between pieces of furniture to protect them from scratches and bumps. Instead of spending money on them, however, use the blankets that you have.

Strip your beds, take your blankets and sheets from storage and remember to use your sleeping bags as well.