Questions to Ask a Potential Furniture Removalist Company

Using a furniture removalist company can ensure that your personal items get safely to a new home without worrying about how to pack them into a truck and haul them in and out of the house yourself. A removalist company may actually pack your items for you, not just move them, and they may also help unpack and set up your items in your new home. If you want to hire a furniture removalist company, note a few questions to ask so you know the job will get done right.

1. Ask if furniture should be disassembled

In some cases it can be good to take off legs and feet of furniture and the arms of chairs where possible. However, this may not always be necessary and might interfere with how furniture is packed in the truck. Before you assume that you should disassemble your furniture, ask the furniture removalist company their preferences and what would make the job easier on them and better for your items overall.

2. Ask how to mark fragile items

When packing away vases, dishes, and the like, you should of course use the word "fragile" on the boxes, but a furniture removalist company might also prefer that you note which end is up and also note what is in the box. In some cases, a light item or box can be stacked on top of a box with dishes and glass mixing bowls, as these are somewhat sturdy, but the removalist company will want to avoid putting anything on top of a box with glass vases and other very delicate items.

3. Ask about moving motorbikes, ATVs, and the like

Don't assume that a furniture removalist company can move anything oversized and motorised, as the potential for dripping oil and fuel can create a hazard for them. They also may not have a way to secure these types of items. When it comes to standard bikes, sporting goods, and other such equipment, you still want to ask if they can move those and if there is any special way they should be packed or protected; whatever their procedures, always check before assuming they can be included in the move.

4. Ask about the insurance they carry

A furniture removalist company will always have insurance to protect the goods they're carrying, but you might ask about their coverage amounts. If you have anything especially expensive to move, such as an oversized television, expensive computer equipment, and other such items, you want to ensure their coverage amounts are adequate for reimbursing you in case something should get damaged.