Quick Tips for Saving Money on a Furniture Removalist

When you're ready to hire a furniture removalist to help you move, no doubt you want to find an affordable company that fits your budget. While this is a good thing, you also want to think about how you can do your part to save as much money as possible when working with a removalist. Note a few quick tips that can help.

1. Purge

Moving is a good time to think about purging unnecessary and unneeded items around your house. After all, if you throw it away, you won't need to pay someone to move it. Get a skip bin if needed, as this can give you the space you need for throwing away larger items like extra furniture pieces.

If you hesitate to toss out items that you no longer need simply because they have some useful life left in them, consider donating them to a local charity. When purging, you might set aside some boxes for those items and then, once the box is full, take it down to a drop center. This way, you won't be tempted to bring those things back into the house once you've decided to part with them.

2. Break down furniture

Check with your chosen furniture removalist company about what furniture they would break down to move and then do this on your own. This means removing legs from dining room chairs and coffee tables, disassembling bed frames, and removing doors from appliances and other such items. These things are usually easier to move this way, but a furniture removalist may charge you by the hour when they arrive; if you can break down these things on your own rather than having the removalist company do it, you might then save some money.

3. Start packing

You may assume you can't pack your items until you're ready to move and have a truck waiting for your boxes, but to save money, consider if you can pack up some things now. Things you won't need between now and your move may include out-of-season clothes, books, old family photos, and the like. Rather than wait for a truck, note if there is room in your car to store these items before your move. This can mean a little bit less packing for your removalist; in turn, you might save some money on their time and on room in the truck if they charge you according to how many boxes they need to haul for you.  

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