Two Ways To Make Sure Your House Plants Have A Successful Move To Your New Home

When it comes to moving house, there always seems to be something that gets broken. While pottery, glass and artwork are the most easily damaged culprits, you can add your house plants to this list too. Before the removalists arrive to collect your household belongings, you can take several steps to increase the chance of your house plants arriving at their new home in one piece.

Repot If Possible

If your houseplants are living in pottery containers and you are worried about these getting broken during transit, repot the plants into plastic containers while there is plenty of time to do so. Plastic will absorb the shock of moving around in the back of a truck better than pottery can.

You need to repot plants at least two weeks prior to the move because it takes a couple of weeks for plants to settle and become comfortable in their temporary living conditions. Additionally, don't water your plants the day before you move. This will allow the soil to dry out, which makes the plant lighter to lift.

Repotting plants can also cause them stress, so once you have arrived at your new home, leave them in the plastic pots for at least a week before you move them back into their original containers. This will give them a chance to get used to the difference in climate and air quality at their new location before you make any further changes.

Protect The Pottery If You Can't Repot

If you don't have time to repot your plants because the move is being done with short notice, you need to protect the pottery container from breakage during the journey to your new home. One way you can do this is to find a box that the container can be placed into. Use old clothing or towels to surround the container by placing them between the pottery and the side of the box.

Only place one plant in each box, and make sure the removalist puts them into the truck last. If they are placed in the middle or far end of the truck they are more likely to be crushed if objects move during the drive.

Be careful not to wedge the clothing too tightly around the pottery. Pottery does become more fragile over time, particularly if it has been exposed to constant sunlight. The sun evaporates moisture from the pottery, and it will crack and crumble if you place too much pressure against its brittle sides.

Successfully moving your plants to your new dwelling can be done if you plan things right. You just need to give some careful thought to your plant's needs as far in advance of the move as you can.

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