Backloading Bargain? Two Facts To Know Before You Say Go!

As someone who is moving house for the first time, you have a lot to think about. Because the contents of your home only amount to a partial truckload you have a number of different options when considering what type of furniture removal service you will use. However, because you are on a tight budget, you also want to save costs during the shift. You have heard that furniture removal using backloading is one way to save money, but there are two things you should know before you go ahead and book this type of service.

Flexibility With Dates

One reason why you can save money by having your furniture shifted as part of a backload is because the move is being done on the removalists schedule rather than your own. It is not cost effective for removal companies to run empty trucks back to base when they have finished a delivery. Therefore, they offer a reduced rate to people who want to move their goods back to the same place the truck is already traveling.

This reduced rate is cheaper than hiring your own truck to move on a date that suits you, but it does mean you need a little flexibility with your moving date. A truck may not be traveling empty in your direction on the date that suits you. However, the more notice you give to a removal company, the better your chances of scoring a date that will suit you both.

You're Not The Only One On The Truck

Another reason why backloading will save you money is because your belongings will not be the only thing on the truck. It doesn't make sense for the truck to run back to base with only half a load on it so the company is going to look for as much content as it can to completely fill the truck.

While all moving companies won't intentionally let anything happen to your goods, it is normal to feel nervous about other people accessing a truck that has your things on it. It is very important that you check your contents insurance policy before you move to see if your belongings are covered while in transit from your old home to your new one. If they are not, it is imperative that you take out a temporary policy through your removalist to cover the shift. This will give you peace of mind if you proceed with the backload option.