4 Step-By-Step Instructions To Pack Your Antique Chair For Storage

If you have antique furniture pieces in your home, then you know how important regular maintenance is to retain their regal look. The decision to temporarily move away means that you will need to consider long-term storage for your existing antique pieces. By virtue of age, antique furniture is delicate, so you need to carefully plan to prevent any damage. This guide equips you with step-by-step instructions to pack your antique chair for long-term storage.

Clean The Antique Chair Using A Duster And Damp Cloth

You'll ideally want to remove all the dirt and debris from the antique chair surface to prevent oils and other pollutants from damaging it in the long-term storage unit. Use a duster to remove all the surface level dirt and a damp cloth to thoroughly remove any stubborn dirt on the chair. Once done, wipe down with a dry, lint-free cloth to prevent any dampness from warping the wood.

Cover The Chair Legs And Backrest Edges With Foam Sheets 

The legs and backrest edges of your antique chair are particularly vulnerable to damage during transportation to the self-storage unit. To protect them from chips and cracks while the chair is being moved around, wrap the chair legs and backrest edges with foam sheets. Foam sheets are easily available at stationery stores. Alternatively, you can ask your transport company whether they have spare foam sheets that you can use.  

Wrap In A Thick Canvas Cloth

You will need to cover the chair to prevent external dirt, dust and debris from settling on it –– even when it is inside the storage unit. Avoid wrapping it in plastic because this will prevent the wood from breathing and will cause moisture beads to form inside, which could damage the wood of the antique chair. Instead, wrap the chair in canvas cloth because this material allows the wood inside to breathe –– keeping your antique chair well protected while it is in long-term storage. You can purchase canvas cloth online or from a hardware store. Alternatively, you can use old blankets and cloth covers for protection because these materials are also breathable.

Choose A Climate Controlled Unit

Your antique chair must be well preserved, so be sure to choose a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent excess humidity and heat from warping the wood. Extreme temperatures can distress aged wood, so maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level will allow you to leave your chair without any stress for the long term.

Follow these instructions when packing your antique chair for the long-term storage unit.