4 of the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Movers

Every day people hire movers to keep their relocation stress-free. If you've chosen to hire a removal company, there are mistakes you can make that cause the process to be worse than if you did it all yourself. Here are four of the most common mistakes others have made that you need to avoid.

Opting for the Lowest Quote

While you want to keep your move affordable, it's important to check for the details of a quote. The lowest price may not include the full service, such as boxes, packing and disassembly. If it comes to the day of the move and you're not completely ready, this will mean the move takes longer and costs you more.

Check the details of the quote and all of the services provided by the company. If it means paying more, opt for that to keep everything on time and stress-free.

Not Getting In-Home Visits and Estimates

The internet allows you to submit details of your move for an instant quote, but there are limitations. You may underestimate the time it will take or the space you need for the move. This leads to needing more or bigger vans and more people to manage it all. You'll end up spending more than you really wanted or could see your move not taking place at all.

Arrange for an in-home visit to allow professional movers to look at the amount that you want to take and box. Expert movers will have the experience to judge by size quickly and effectively.

Hiring at the Last Minute

Being organised will definitely help when it comes to moving. When you leave the hiring process to the last minute, you won't have the time to do all the checks you need and compare all the quotes. You could also find your favourite company is fully booked.

As soon as you know you're moving, shop around for quotes and discuss your needs. Give yourself time to hire the perfect movers and make sure the date remains open.

Not Getting the Insurance

The firms will try their hardest to protect your belongings, but accidents can happen. Vehicle accidents, fires, and even theft can cause your belongings to be damaged or can mean they go missing. If you don't have the insurance to cover them, you'll also lose out financially.

Find out what type of coverage the removal companies have with their quotes and anything extra you will need.

Don't put yourself at the risk of losing your belonging or spending more than you originally needed to. Get a mixture of in-home evaluations and quotes and always make sure they are in writing. Find out all the details, so you can make a well-informed decision on your movers.