What's the Best Time to Move to a New Home?

Do you remember the last time you moved to a new home? It seems like a straightforward enough job, but the whole process can end up being more complicated and time-consuming than you were expecting. If you need to move to a new place in the near future, you can make it rather a lot easier for yourself by picking the absolute best time to move.

Time of the Year

This is not something you necessarily have a lot of control over. You move when your new home is ready, and this could be at any time of the year. If at all possible, you should avoid moving to a new home in the days prior to the start of a new university semester if there are any universities in your new town. This is quite the busy time for removalists as a lot of new students are relocating to their new home. While you can still book a removalist company or rent a van yourself during these times, there can be a bit of competition so booking ahead is wise. Keep an eye on the weather too, particularly if you're moving during a time of year where the weather is not traditionally so great. You might need to find tarpaulins to cover your furniture as it is moved in and out of the moving truck. In the event of torrential rain, you will need to have a fallback day in the very near future when the move can take place instead.

Time of the Week

It's rather logical that a lot of people will want to move house on the weekends. Again, this can create problems when it comes to booking removalists or a moving van. Why not move on a weekday? This will require you to take a personal day from work, which is not always possible. But it can certainly result in a stress free move, and you will be in your new home ready to enjoy the weekend. If you decide to take your children out of school for the day (if the move does not require them to change schools), check with the school prior to choosing a moving date. You will need to avoid any exams or field trips, and essentially anything that your children really need to be at school for.

Time of the Day

Getting started as early as possible is certainly the best way to go as moving can easily take longer than you were expecting. Having said that, you don't want to hit the road too early. Monitor the local traffic reports for the areas you'll be passing through so that you can avoid peak traffic times. Most people need to be at work by 9am, so if you leave later than this you should be just fine.

Choosing the best time to move can make a difficult task far easier for you and your family.