Shipping Containers & The World - Why You Never Knew You Needed One

They're certainly something that most people wouldn't give a second thought to, but shipping containers play a crucial role in many industries which we can often take for granted. Applications of shipping containers are largely out of the public eye, many of them providing the backbone of the trade and shipping industries, but like everything else in our increasingly cluttered lifestyles, custom designs have begun to amplify their effectiveness.

If you've ever been near a shipyard or large storage facility, you've probably seen hundreds upon thousands of shipping containers stacked almost impossibly high. The standard rectangular prism style of shipping container is the most uniform and the most popular, but an increasing demand for custom dimensions has opened the door for a plethora of new customers to find uses for them.

Big industry already knows what they're aiming to get out of their order for countless shipping containers.The question is: What can the shipping container do for the private consumer? The answer is almost only limited by their own imagination.

Certainly one could mimic the shipping containers' traditional use for basic storage, but why stop there? Customised dimensions and designs mean that even residences with cramped backyards can put an order in for a sheltered storage box. The best part about shipping containers is that they can be relatively easily moved unlike a shed, which is generally a permanent structure.

The increasing fascination with 'tiny living' means that custom shipping containers can provide an incredibly cost-effective way to create a small and effective living space without the constraints of absolute permanency. Custom shipping containers can come prepared with lights and plumbing already incorporated, or you can do it all yourself and turn your purchase into an entirely unique adventure.

A pre-existing property can also be improved by a custom shipping container in a number of ways. Building an above ground pool becomes a breeze with a shipping container. Simply build a foundation around the shipping container, waterproof it, fill with water and have some summer fun! They can also serve as simpler solutions for extensions to houses and other permanent structures.

They can provide a great alternative to paying high rent for a high traffic shopfront, too. Custom shipping containers can be designed to fold out and contain everything you need in a small cafe or bar. This opens up countless opportunities for potential entrepreneurs who can either get their brand right in the thick of their market or take their product on the road without having to sacrifice a professional store setup.

If sitting still isn't your plan, a custom shipping container can still be the answer. Some custom designs are the perfect size to fit on a small trailer, essentially converting into an entirely personalised and unique caravan. Travelling around the country in the comfort of home is no longer a pipe dream with a custom shipping container.

The potential uses for customisable products, including shipping containers, are almost limitless. New ideas and projects are sparked every day and any means of making the world a more comfortable and efficient place is always going to end in success.

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