Moving Interstate? Here Are Some Things You Might Not Have Considered

There are some aspects of moving to a new home that largely remain the same, regardless of the distance to your new home. You will probably take the chance to downsize—to get rid of the old things that you no longer need. Beyond that, it's important to start to pack early since it's often far more time-consuming than you think. There are some special considerations that come into play when you are moving over a large distance. An interstate move can be logistically complicated, so it's important that you plan the event as much as possible. So what are some aspects of moving that are particularly pertinent when it comes to an interstate move?


There are many interstate removalists that will be able to transport your possessions, but you need to lock one in as early as possible, at the best possible price. If you're on a budget, you might want to enquire if the company offers backloading. This is when they have a vehicle travelling to your destination that is not full. Your possessions are simply loaded into the extra space and transported at a lower cost than if the vehicle was dedicated solely for your use. There might be a slight date discrepancy with backloading in that your possessions might need to travel slightly before or after your moving date. It all depends on when backloading space to your destination might be available.

The First Visit

Saying goodbye to friends and family members is even more difficult when moving interstate. It's not as though they will be able to pop over to see you whenever they want. If you have a friend or family member who is particularly upset by your move, why not lock in a date for their first visit to your new home? Check the best available airfares and choose a date. It can make saying goodbye easier when you already know when you will see each other again.

Your Car

Perhaps you could in fact have a friend or family member help you to move? You might wish to fly with your family to your new destination to save time, but your car will need to be transported. Maybe a friend or family member could drive it for you? You would need to pay for petrol (and any potential accommodation) as well as their airfare home, but this can still be an inexpensive option. Also, don't forget that you must transfer your driver's licence and vehicle registration to your new state or territory.

Your Dog

You will also need to register your dog to your new city council's locality. If your dog is microchipped, this address will also need to be updated. This is really important if your dog should wander off and become disorientated in its new home.

For more tips on the logistics of interstate moving, talk to removalist company near you.