5 Extra Charges You May Incur When Moving Furniture

It is usually advisable for you to get several written quotes before moving your furniture from one state to another. This article discusses some of the extra charges that you should investigate before you sign a contract.

Custom Crating Costs

The person who is sent to inspect your furniture will decide whether any of those items need special packaging materials or not. The quotation from the transportation company may include a fee for that special crating. Compare this cost to what you would incur if you procured those custom packing materials on your own.

Unusually Heavy Furniture Transportation Costs

The furniture removal company may also impose an extra charge to meet the cost of lifting furniture that is heavier than normal. For example, some pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, can be lifted by two people only. However, extra people may be called upon to help as a grand piano is being removed from your home to the truck. The cost of the extra personnel will be passed on to you. Ask the furniture transportation company to clarify what that cost will be so that you prepare accordingly.

Difficult Access Fees

Furniture removalists usually assume that the destination has reasonable access. For example, they expect the moving truck to reverse as close to your front door as possible so that the personnel don't have to lift the furniture over a long distance. You may, therefore, incur an extra charge in case their assumption is wrong and the truck has to stop far from the front door. An extra fee may also be levied in case your furniture has to be carried up a long flight of stairs at the destination. Discuss these accessibility issues early so that you avoid disagreements on the matter.

Road Tolls and Fees

The furniture transportation truck may have to pay various tolls and fees as it travels on the roads of different states. Expect to meet those costs unless the contract which you sign stipulates that those fees are part of the total costs charged for the service.

Force Majeure Costs

You may also be expected to pay some extra money for any expenses that may be incurred due to unpredictable or uncontrollable factors, such as floods. Such costs can only be computed once an event has occurred and prevented your furniture from reaching the destination within the time that it would normally take to be delivered.

The best way to know the extent of the costs that have or haven't been included in your quote is by reading the quotation carefully. For more information or advice on planning, contact local furniture transport services.