Sanitizing Belongings Before Placing Them Into Storage

Placing your belongings into self-storage is an ideal way to make sure your things are kept safe and secure when you cannot have them in your home. However, whether your belongings are going into storage for a short period or a long one, it is important that they are cleaned and sanitized before being transported to their temporary home. These three points will ensure that your possessions return from storage in a condition as good as when they went in.

Sofas And Armchairs

The crevices contained in your sofas and armchairs are a haven for lost coins and dropped food scraps. Every person who has sat in those chairs and eaten food has left behind crumbs, which build up over time. While you cannot see this little food haven, the crumbs are a tasty food source for rodents who love to live within your sofa undetected. The best way to ensure your sofa does not become a rodent attractant whilst in storage is to put the crevice-cleaning tool onto your vacuum cleaner and have a deep dig into those crevices to suck all the food particles out.


Cleaning the fridge after it has been emptied is a horrible job because there is always a spill or two to scrub away. But it is a necessary task to do before the fridge goes into storage. Once your fridge is turned off, there is no more airflow within it. The door remains shut until it is used again. Within the closed fridge, food spills and finger oils become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew. A thorough wipe-down of the fridge interior with bleach or cleaning detergent is a must to ensure your fridge remains free of fungus.


Moisture is the enemy of every item which goes into storage, and one way to protect your clothing from moisture damage is to seal it in vacuum-sealed bags. However, before you put your clothing into these bags, ensure the clothes are washed first. Odours left on clothing can sink deep into the fibres over time, so before you seal up your clothing for an extended period, you want to ensure all stains and odours are removed. If you do not follow this tip, your clothing may be uncleanable after its storage days.

Following these tips for cleaning your belongings before they enter storage increases your chances of your things coming out of the facility in a great condition.