Things You Should Do to Prevent Injuries During a Move

Moving to a new neighbourhood in another town or state can be exciting. Besides enjoying the surroundings, you will be able to interact with new people and expand your social circles. However, this transition presents a set of physical challenges. Many people get injured as they move from one home to another, particularly when they fail to hire professionals to handle furniture removals.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid common injuries associated with an upcoming move, whether you choose to DIY or hire professional movers. Here are some safety tips you should keep in mind.

Keep everything organised

One of the essential things you can do to ensure no one gets injured while you are moving is to keep things neat and organised. When you mess up the entire house, it will be easy for someone to trip and fall, step on a sharp object or slip and fall because of spilled liquid. Therefore, it's better to keep the boxes and other items organised, preferably away from the entrances and corridors. Also, remember to clean up as you go and wipe spilled liquids right away.

Wear appropriate clothes and shoes

Another aspect you have to consider to enhance safety on a moving day is to dress appropriately for the day. This tip is often overlooked even though it helps keep people safe. Ideally, you are supposed to wear clothes that offer high levels of protection and comfort on the action-filled day.

Make sure the clothes are made of flexible and breathable fibre. This will assist you to avoid sweating excessively and make movements easily. The attire you wear will also get dirty or ruined (torn) due to the day's activities, so wear clothes you don't mind losing. The clothes shouldn't be baggy, too — loose-fitting clothes can get hooked and compromise your movements.

Finally, remember to wear comfy shoes that offer traction and flexibility and other protective gear like gloves to improve grip and protect your fingers.

Learn proper lifting methods

On a moving day, you will be doing many unusual movements to get the work done. You will lift, push, bend, twist and pull. These moves can strain your body, mainly if you aren't usually active, leading to minor or severe injuries. Some useful tips you can consider include keeping the load centred, asking for help to lift heavy items, turning with your feet and pushing instead of pulling. Learning proper lifting techniques will help you do the task without straining your back, neck or joints. You'll also have an accident-free move.

For more tips, reach out to a local removalist.