Top Tips When Choosing A Furniture Removalist

Choosing a furniture removalist to move your home or office seems like an easy task. After all, there are hundreds of removal companies in Australia. The truth is, finding a removalist who can customise their services to suit your needs can be a bit challenging. Below is an article discussing the considerations that you should make when hiring a removalist. 

Assess The Removalist's Resources

The removalist should have the resources required to move your home or office. For example, if you have many items, inquire about the number of people they will deploy to pack your items. Remember, you want to move in the least amount of time. If you have oversized items such as boats and grand pianos, ask whether the removalist has specialised equipment such as forklifts and trailers to load and transport the items. If you require storage space, check whether the removalist offers storage solutions such as portable on-demand storage, outdoor or indoor storage. 

Evaluate The Removalist's Professionalism

Before giving a quote, the company should inspect your premises to establish what they will transport. This enables the removalist to determine the resources and time required to move your items. Reputable removalists will offer removals insurance to ensure you do not incur losses if an item gets lost or damaged during the move.

The removalist should provide complementary services such as cleaning your new premises or transporting your items to a storage facility for free. Assess the company's organisational skills. Ideally, the removalist should create a timetable indicating the activities to be conducted before the removals date and the sequence at which they will move your items. 

Inquire About The Terms Of Removal

Read the removal contract to know your obligations. For instance, most removalists will not move your items if you are not available. Besides, they could ask you to organise transport for your pets and valuables. You should also check the terms of the removal insurance cover. For example, if you choose to pack your items, the cover could become void. 

Check The Removalist's Pricing

It can be difficult to tell whether a removalist has fair pricing. As such, ask a few removalists for a quote to establish the current industry pricing. Compare these quotes with those offered by your preferred removalist. They will help you to bargain for the quote. Some removalists provide discounted services to senior adults, students, and the disabled. Besides, they also give low season discounts. 

When choosing a removalist, assess their resources, professionalism, terms of removals, and the pricing.