Removal 101: What To Discuss With Your Furniture Removalist

Professional removal companies assist you with relocation issues, such as personnel, vehicles, equipment and packing supplies. A removal company saves you time and minimises the stress of relocating. A proper discussion with the firm helps you determine its suitability for your needs. Here are key issues to discuss with the removal company. 

The Load

The best removal company is one that evaluates the items you need to relocate even before they give you a comprehensive quote. For example, ensure the personnel comes to your house and takes stock of the items. Alternatively, you can communicate via video or provide your estimate based on past experiences. This discussion is essential for several reasons.

A removal company knows which vehicle they require. The company also estimates whether your items can fit in the new apartment. These estimates are also essential in determining the type of specialised equipment and personnel required on a moving day. For instance, the company could use hoists to lift bulky furniture that cannot fit along hallways or through staircases. 


Most companies provide clients with estimates immediately after discovering the distance, load and other issues, such as parking permits. This information helps you estimate the amount you need for specific activities. You may also enquire whether the moving company provides services such as storage and packing. The company should justify all the costs listed in the quote.

One of the main issues you may encounter is hidden costs. For example, a narrow street might hinder the moving van from reaching your house. Hence, you may pay to hire a smaller vehicle. Reputable moving companies understand the extra costs and include them in the quote. The company also knows the best contingency plans to minimise hidden costs. 


Insurance covers the damage or loss of property when relocating. The insurance company agrees to reimburse the moving company if its employees damage a client's items. This arrangement appeals to customers since they can ascertain that their property is safe. Therefore, always discuss with the removal company if it has moving or vehicle insurance for vans, trucks, forklifts and other equipment. 

You may also enquire about the process of reimbursement after theft or damage. For example, how long will the insurance company take to pay you for lost workplace equipment? Such information helps you estimate downtime and determine the extent of potential risks such as theft or damage. 

Some things to discuss with a furniture removal company before moving day include the load, cost and insurance.